Goodbye Little Boots

Yet another shoe related post - completely accidental - but this time - saying goodbye to the shoes that have walked quite a journey with me. Call me sentimental, but they have been a tough pair to say goodbye to!

Little did I know, just under two years ago, that the moment these shoes and I became aquainted, would coincidentally be the moment my whole journey was going to change, and what would happen next would be a catalyst moment which would define so much of who I was to become. I remember them being there, and I remember the days that followed. Since then - whenever I have needed comfort, a reminder, a friend, who has seen my story almost just as well as I have - I turn to these shoes - my little suede ankle boots -a friend like none I'd imagine of shoes - walking with me on some very hard steps. 

Quite literally, they felt the ground with me - and often for me, softening the blows, and I came to rely on these boots - the boots that had walked with me through so much. 

Sometimes little tangible treasures are the only witnesses that have seen what we have, that their presence, even though inanimate - is so real, so needed, so comforting. But just as we must learn to consolidate the lessons of our past, we should let go of our tangible need to validate our experiences, as our journey lives within us - just as real as we are. And so I say thank you - and farewell to you my lovely suede dreams, I have worn you through as you so often kept my feet on the ground.