Hello World

From my first encounters with fashion, making a dress at age 5, and sleepless nights wondering what I would call my label if I ever had the courage to do it, I decided to go to university and study psychology instead. But my dream kept calling and on what should have been my frolicking, youthful college weekends, I went to fashion school where my passion grew. After graduating from university and fashion school at the same time, I went straight to London.

While there, I did little internships and jobs in the fashion industry, before running out of the fashion world as fast as my legs could carry me, saying “this is not for me!” I went on to do my masters in something totally unrelated to any making of clothes; but my heart knew better. Then, when the moment came, the big moment that defined all others, I had to ask myself the question: "What do you want to be?", the reply was simple: “I want to be me”.

And so, I dusted off my sewing machine and worked tirelessly to pull together my first range, piece by piece.

My Wild Heart is about a voice, an emancipated heart - it’s a joyful plea for freedom. It is about the dream, the pursuit of the dream and honouring our heart, even if our hearts are wild.